How To Book Byron Bay Strippers?

Byron Bay is known as a soulful town that is full of people who love and care about each other. There are therefore very many parties around the town over the weekends and during holidays. This is one of the reasons why Byron Bay Strippers decided to spice up these parties even more. Hiring a stripper to entertain your guests doesn’t mean that you lack moral values. At the same time, it is not a sign that you have a lot of money to spend. It is simply a sign of how much you love your friends and want to see them happy.

When it comes to hiring a stripper, below are some of things you need to put in mind.

1. Your Preference

There are different agencies that offer reliable Byron Bay Strippers but none can do a better job than Sarah Ashley. However, the value of their services highly depends on the kind of information you share with them. Never give false information as a way of trying to evade costs. Be prepared and let the agency know exactly what you want from the girls.

Although the charges are highly determined by the services these girls will offer, it also prepares them before time. The Byron Bay Strippers will have a clear picture of what you want and be ready for the task ahead.

2. The Number of Girls Needed

Have a simple budget of the number of Byron Bay Strippers you need for the night. This will make it easier to set a budget even for the finances needed to hire them. If you are not sure, you can let the agency know the number of guests you are expecting and they will advice you accordingly. Your budget will also be another determining factor of the number of girls you can hire per session.


Byron Bay Strippers are always up to the task. Sarah Ashley is also always ready to turn things lively in your party If you allow them to. Just a phone call and the deal will be sealed.