Nina’s Television Career

We have come across so many porn models who started off their career but started to give up along the way. One of the reasons why they give up is not because they lacked to passion of what they chose to do but simply because the pressure was too much. There were no opportunities and everything they tried to do ended up disappointing them even more. However, this story is totally different when it comes to the life of Nina Dolci. This girl is not only beautiful, but she is also among the lucky girls who stepped into the industry and it embraced her for good.

Dolci has had different opportunities along the way including working on television projects either as an actress or in commercials. Some of the projects Nina has been involved in include; Howard Stern Show which was aired from Nov of 1994 to the years 2006. Her role was that of a hot dog girl or a model of Ft Lauderdale. Remaining on the same show for more than 1 decade is enough prove that what you are doing with your time and the opportunities you get is recommendable.

More Projects

Apart from the project named above, Nina has also appeared as a Lingerie Model on Cupid which was aired on HSC/Spice. This was followed by her work on Beach Party as a Bikini Girl and the show was run on MTV. When it comes to the commercials she has worked on, they include: A&S Auto Insurance on Cable TV, Body Painting on Cable and Magic Moments on Cable as well. For those who loved Women of South Beach’96, Nina Dolci is definitely not a stranger to you. This is because, she also counts it as part of the projects she has managed to achieve.


If you have been going through and wondering how this beautiful girl has grown so much in her career, now you have an idea, I didn’t grow from where. I have worked with many experts and played many roles and have managed to develop my skills everyday.

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